We are Ibero A reflection of your creativity

We want you to be able to express yourself. Enrich your identity and creativity with our pieces and spaces.

We entered the market in 2020, when the companies Casainfinita and Ibero Porcelánico merged, bringing together quality, design and cutting-edge innovation. It was conceived as a ceramic brand based on creativity as an essential value.

We exude a creative and global character defined in each of our products, taking the most iconic textures, colours and elements of nature to offer spaces that go beyond the conventional.

Our philosophy takes the road less travelled, proposing a different way of doing things. Your project is our stage and the creativity of our pieces is the star guest.

Milestones in our journey

Our history

We founded Gres de Nules

Mr Rafael Benavent Adrián founded the ceramic company Gres de Nules. Since then, customer orientation and continuous improvement have guided us on our way.

We created Keraben

The innovative spirit and evolutionary zeal of Mr Rafael Benavent led him to build a second company under the name of Keraben.

Then we add Metropol

The Benavent family acquires the tile company Metropol.

We set up the Keraben Group

After the merger of the different companies, the Keraben Group was born.

We launched CasaInfinita

The Keraben Group launches a new ceramic brand on the market under the name CasaInfinita.

Ibero and CasaInfinita merge

The Ibero brand is born after the merger of the companies Casainfinita and Ibero Porcelánico.

Brand philosophy and commitment

Our commitment

Make yourself the King of an infinite space

We are committed to offering you infinite varieties of colours, spaces, textures and finishes, bringing unlimited possibilities to your fingertips. We promise to be creative, demanding, subtle, daring, inventive, conceptual... in each and every piece that we design for you. We are committed to travelling as if there were no borders or distances, searching every corner of our planet for the latest trends and the best natural materials. We offer you different placement options for our products, so that your space will stand out from all the others.

Caring for our planet

We are committed to recovering and reusing all the water used in the manufacture of each of our pieces. To control and minimise the emission of CO2 gases into the atmosphere. To recycle and recover materials to avoid the depletion of natural resources. And to work with 100% recyclable packaging.

To leave you with our best

We are committed to selecting the best raw materials and using the most innovative technologies, ensuring that the product you have chosen is excellent. To measure and analyse your opinions, to continue improving day by day. And to implement all the necessary measures to meet the deadlines and commitments that we have defined together.


The Ibero DNA






We belong to Keraben Group

We are a solid and professional company, backed by a large group that is a leader in innovation and trends. Being part of them is what allows us to offer the best quality in all our products and expand our creativity to a more international market.

We belong to Keraben Group

We are creators of spaces, pieces and sensations in which you can find yourself. Through us, we want you to feel the fascination of seeing yourself reflected in a space. To discover yourself through pieces that reveal your personality.

If you like to set the trends. If you want to raise the style bar higher. If you are someone who delves deeply into their own creativity and enlarges it. In us, you will always find a part of you. So that you can create the spaces that embody your true essence. 


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