Keraben Grupo enhances the packaging of all its products

03 June 2022
Keraben Grupo enhances the packaging of all its products

Little by little, the logistics centre that Keraben Grupo has in Nules will be full of pallets of a characteristic blue colour. This is a new innovative commitment by the company to enhance the packaging of its products and make sure they reach the customer in the best possible condition.

This and other leading initiatives are part of the Hardpack project being developed by the production area, in partnership with other areas of the company, which have analysed and proposed major changes affecting all the Group’s plants.

Each day, Keraben Grupo works to continue improving customer service in a comprehensive way, in which product presentation is a key factor. Accordingly, one of the key elements is how that product is moved and arrives at its destination.

Packaging is subjected to inclement weather, either in outdoor storage or in transport, which is a major challenge. Keraben Grupo has put its entire team to work on the Hardpack project to try to improve and find solutions to this situation.

Improvements will be made in several areas, such as strapping, edge banding, plastics and films. Of particular note is the increase in the thickness (gauge) of plastics and films, to prevent deterioration due to humidity and cardboard degradation.

In addition, the company has recently roofed its Nules logistics centre, providing shelter of more than 20,000 m2 that allows the picking material to be protected from inclement weather. The new packaging is already starting to be used in all plants and all customers will gradually start to receive their orders on blue pallets.

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