Keraben Grupo and Elite Exellence organise a working day with interior designers and decorators

04 July 2023
Keraben Grupo and Elite Exellence organise a working day with interior designers and decorators

The meeting took place last June, 13th at The Square, the Keraben Grupo showroom at Feria Valencia, bringing together interior designers and decorators from all over Spain, with the aim of showing them the latest collections and trends in the ceramic industry for interior decoration.

Elite Excellence - Spanish Luxury Federation is an entity registered and recognised by the Ministry of the Interior, which includes more than 100 selected high-end and luxury brands, including Keraben Group. The goal of this federation is to support brands in the creation of new ideas and proposals and to provide support in all those initiatives that allow them to develop their work within the standards of high quality and luxury. 

The meeting was structured around a presentation offered by Miguel Ángel Bengochea, Director of Contract Services at Keraben Grupo, as well as a guided tour of the company's showroom.

Keraben Grupo inaugurated this year at Cevisama a new exhibition space of more than 1,000 m in Feria Valencia, which, under the name of "The Square", becomes a neuralgic point of union of the three brands (Ibero, Metropol and Keraben), and a meeting place for Keraben Grupo customers. 

"The Square" recreates a residential area with a central square, where the three brands are represented by three different homes, paying attention to the value of the elegance of Keraben, the style of Metropol and the creativity of Ibero. These homes are a reflection of the ideal spaces of the brand's customers, who will be able to see "in situ" how Keraben Grupo can make dream spaces come true.

Under the creative concept "A Reflection of You", Keraben Grupo has turned this place into a design space where visitors can discover the latest innovations and industry trends and immerse themselves in a memorable sensory experience in which they will see their true essence reflected in spaces that serve as a mirror of their emotions.

This event marks the start of the different activities that Keraben Grupo has scheduled to carry out in this magnificent environment, which aims to become a benchmark for professionals in the sector throughout Spain.

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